We have transferred our nearly 30 years of experience in the electricity and transformer sector to the production of quality transformers under the name of MAX transformer, which we established in 2020.

MAX Transformer Manufacturing PLC is a professional manufacturer and exporter of distribution transformers located in ADAMA city, Ethiopia. MAX transformer has established its own transformer factory with a total of 60.000 m2 area; 25.000 m2 indoors and 35.000 m2 outdoors. It focused on the production of oil -immersed distribution and special transformers from 25 kVA up to 2500 kVA (15 kV/33kV). Our transformers are built in accordance with ISO and IEC 60076 standards ( or other international standards) and with efficiency as per EN 50464-1. We extended our services to maintenance and repair all types of transformers with our experienced staff.

For our durable oil distribution transformers we use only high-grade production materials and attach very great importance to sound workmanship, because the higher the material processing quality, the lower the running costs. These principles are incorporated into the following products:

* Oil distribution transformers from 25 to 2500 kVA

* Expansion tank type transformers

* Hermetic type transformers

* Special type transformers

* Plug-in transformers

* Pole mounted transformers

* Neutral grounding transformers

* Earthing transformers

* Transformers for special rectifier operation

We would above all like to point out that the use of special cooling/insulation material is possible to enable operations at sites with special requirements regarding environment and fire protection. As a proven expert, we furthermore offer a complex transformer logistics package in a single source.