Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Structuring the OHS Management System by creating appropriate documentation in line with the national laws and regulations, international obligations, laws and regulations in the country where the project is carried out, the conditions of the national and international organizations to which it is a member, the requirements of the specifications, and the expectations of the customers and other stakeholders. Within the scope of OHS activities, all kinds of resources are allocated by the senior management, and awareness of the employees of the subcontractor and supplier companies together with the trainings. To carry out activities in accordance with the relevant procedures and instructions, using the equipment / equipment suitable for the work of all employees, in a conscious manner and in a manner not to harm the environment. Providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees in the center, construction sites and businesses with the OHS culture it creates, and minimizing the risk of occupational accidents and occupational diseases with the measures it takes.

Our Basic Principles

To ensure customer satisfaction by constantly improving the quality, Finding optimum solutions with price performance analysis, To share the requirements of developing technology with our teammates and to ensure that it is applied in the most appropriate way, To be a reliable and preferred company.


Preventive maintenance strategies Maintenance operations on site and at our plant Oil treatments on transformers


On-site and in house repairs Re-winding    


Checking on site and in our company of problems/damages on transformers Measure of the electrical parameters of the windings Checking and analysis of the oil contained in transformers Tests of transformers in our testing room Sale of transformers accessories


Available a good range of transformers for rent For emergencies For maintenances on other transformers For tests


The outer surface of a faulty transformer or maintained transformer is cleaned of oil and dirt by special chemicals and is then dried.

Oil Type Distribution Transformers

The transformers are built in accordance with IEC 60076 standards (or other International standards) and with efficiency as per EN 50464-1. For European market, the calculation is made according to Eco design regulation, norms EN 50588-1. The core is built up of cold rolled oriented grain steel sheet with low specific losses, insulated on both sides by a thin inorganic coating. The single sheets composing the core are cut at 45°. Uniform pressing, stiffness and solidity of the columns assure a low noise level. The transformers are filled with mineral oil, according to IEC standards. Oil is pre-processed and dried. Optionally insulated silicone oil can be used or a fill that can be biodegradable and plant-based.


Power Rating : from 25kVA up to 2500kVA Voltage Level : from 15 kV up to 36kV Frequency : 50 or 60Hz Vector Group : single phase or three phase transformers with possibility of star, zig-zag or delta connections in any of its windings. Number Of Windings : possibility to manufacture transformers with primary + secondary, double secondary, or triple secondary a nd any other type according to requirements of customer. Cooling : According to UNE-EN/IEC 60076, ONAN, ONAF, KNAN, KNAF

Standard Features

HV Bushings according to DIN 42531 or EN 50180 LV Bushings According to DIN 42530 or EN 50386 Off-Circuit tap changer in 5 Positions Tank made of corrugated walls Thermometer Pocket Contact Thermometer Buchhols Relay Liffting Lugs Rating Plate Earthing Terminals Hole with cap for filling with oil&drain cock Bi-Directional Rollers

Oil Immersed Transformers With Tank

These transformers are manufactured to the following qualifications; power range between 25-2500 kVA, 15/33-0.4 kV high voltage level, triple or single phase structure, using oil, neutral cooler (ONAN), level converter in no-load operations or automatic level converter in load operations, both internal and external use. 

Expansion tank transformers include the same core and coil structure as hermetic transformers. As a result of air circulation due to the operational expansion tank transformer, silica gel and oil deterioration and the temperature differences due to oil structure degradation. For this reason, maintenance is performed periodically such as silicagel change and oil sampling to measure disturbing voltage. 

The free breathing transformers are equipped with a cushion under the cover or a conservator to allow the oil to expand, at the temperature variations. As it is not hermetic, the oil is always in contact with the air. Moisture is kept at bay through the use of dehydrating salts contained in special filters (breather). The tank can be in finned or with radiators. This design applies to all powers, but especially from 4000 kVA and up. For higher powers and to avoid contact between the oil and air, a rubber separator (rubber bag) or a nitrogen cushion is used. 

This type of transformer is equipped with an expansion tank or conservator mounted above the main tank. The expansion of the insulating liquid is compensated inside the conservator by the raising of the oil level. In the conservator the top of the oil is in contact with the air which must remain dry to avoid any oxidation. This is achieved by admitting the outside air in the conservator through a desiccating device containing silica-gel crystals